Accredited ADHD Coach Training Classes for Professionals working with ADD/ADHD Youth

JST TeleclassesJoin the growing number of coaches, coaches-in-training, educators, counselors, social workers and professional groups experiencing the joy of coaching youth!

JST Coaching offers accredited coach training programs designed to meet the needs of both coaches and non-coaches alike. Whether you are interested in becoming a credentialed coach or looking for ADD coaching skills to add to your professional toolbox, we have a class for you:

  • JST Coaching offers four programs:
    • Coaching Teens & College Students with ADHD is the flagship JST Coaching training program, a 30-hour training course designed to provide a full complement of skills to coaches passionate about creating success with young clients.  An alternative to this 15-week course is our 22-hour 3-Day Intensive Training held in-person over a 3-day weekend.
    • For an additional 8 CCEU hours, our Advanced Practicum offers role playing and focuses on ADHD coaching and life coaching core competencies.
    • Coaching Children with ADHD, is our 6-hour mini-course, a great addition to the full 30-hour course for those interested in the younger, ages 8-12, client base. Alternatively, this is an introduction to the concepts of coaching children.
    • Group coach mentoring classes are available at a low cost with great results.
  • JST Coaching has established an exceptional reputation in the field of personal and professional coaching and coach training.
  • The company provides training courses for both certified and non-certified coaches; and for allied professionals and organizations interested in learning coaching skills to provide support for children, adolescents and young adults with ADD, ADHD, EF and LD.
  • The groundbreaking 2 year coaching research study, Quantifying the Effectiveness of Coaching for College Students with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, released in Fall 2010, demonstrates that students with ADHD can benefit significantly from receiving coaching services based on the JST coaching model.
  • All JST course graduates receive a certificate of completion, a JST Grad logo to display and a connection to the largest group of trained youth coaches worldwide.